” One little slip could embarrass coach Pero,the brilliant black belt I’d looked up to for the last six years.I wanted to make him proud. I was nervous yet pumped,as though a swarm of butterflieswere flying down my throat as I tackled the choreographed pattern of movement called katas, carrying out my slow,careful dance of kicks and punches.”

He wanted all of his trading to be accomplished and to make everyone around him proud.

Black=”accomplishment” the author used black to show the audience what he wanted to get and make people proud of him

Nervousness- did want anything to go bad he was nervous, didn’t want to let anyone down.

Tackled= “difficulty” he found it hard but he wanted to get through it to get what he wanted.He wanted to show what he learned and show what he could do

Dance- to show two people coming together to show talent and kind of choreographed fight


Alyssa Requejo

English 101

Nidzara P.

The story, “Our Brutality To Animals” by Joy Williams demonstrates a non political element toward animals. One example of a non political element would be about emberresment. He informs, “I often wondered whether any of the others grasped that I had done it solely to avoid looking a fool” (page 562). This shows that he was afraid to look foolish to everyone he wanted to show that he only killed the elephant for that reason. People expected certain things from him and he didn’t fulfill all they wanted from him.
There are also examples of beyond political is when the author states, “A white man mustn’t be frightened in front of “natives”: and so, in general, he isn’t frightened” page 561. This shows how they deal with race and how it has a big effect on people. That they were frightening people around them. They were frightened by the natives and they treated them like they were different.

One thing that effected me was the animal crualty. They didn’t have to kill the elephant he truly didn’t do anything after. They killed a hopeless animal. It is saddening to not understand the pain that the elephant felt at that point. Also when they talk about the elephant skill being alive when the skinned him. It was one of the hardest things I had to read. I truly felt sadness for the elephant and the police officer.

All of these’s shows the audience various ideas of how politics play a part in the story. The form of non political, beyond political and lastly what I took out of the story.

     In the reading “I Stand here Ironing “by Tillie Oslen does reflect specific political view toward historical events. Many or the things that she went through with her family show these specific historical events.
    This reading reflect historical events by a quote that says, “She was a child of her age, of depression, of war, of fear” (98). This shows that when she was younger there was war and depression going on at that time. The war that had just ended was World war  1 it was a major historical event that she went through in her life, that changed everyone around her. It’s was a time where everyone was trying to get there life’s back on track.
    Another example of an historical event is how singles women had a hard time with income. One quote is, ” I was at the terrible, growing years. War year… She had to help be a mother, housekeeper, and shopper ” (97). Now a days women can bring in the income more then the men. It shows that many women had to deal with hard labor during war times.

Outline for essay

Question- What did Malala’s and Marjane’s childhood have in common or not have in common and how were they affected later in life?


  1. Having an education
  2. Their family inspiring them and helping them
  3. Their culture influencing them
  4. Big problems in their country



Thesis- There are many similarities and differences between Malala and Marjane’s childhood that later affected them in life family, culture, education and their country played major parts in molding their life’s.

  1. In their young years Malala and Marjane’s family influenced them.
  2. Marjane’s grandma always taught her to never forget who she is and not change her ways.
  3. Malala’s father tried to show her that school is a important to anyone. Her mother gave up school and she was unable to do many thing.
  4. The way they were taught changed how they saw the world.
  5. Malala wanted school because she believed that it was power and is everything.
  6. Marjane didnt go to school and because it was so easy to get school it wasnt as valuable in her eyes.
  • In Malala’s country there was so manythings stoping her from doing things that they wanted and in Marjane’s as well, but Marjane had a little more freedom.
  1. The Taliban didnt like women going to school and they would do anything to get rid of the school even blow it up.
  2. Marjane she could go to school but being married was a big thing and some of the freedoms of drinking and looking were taken away from them.
  3. There are many freedoms taken way from these to countries and to individuals. Most likely it was women who had a disadvantage.

One Page Notes

She didn’t have a rich family.
She had a father who cared for education because he was a teacher.
Her monther didn’t finish school.
She wanted to go to school really bad.
The Taliban people didn’t like woman going to school so they would bomb schools.
She is very religious and tried to stay with her customs.
She had a rich home.
She wasn’t afraid to speak out because she wasn’t punished for it when she was little.
She moved away to Vienna because she was getting older and they were afraid that she would get put in jail for speaking out.
She was on the streets almost dyeing.
She moved back and met a guy go married.
Her grandmother taughter her to stay true to herself and never forget where she came from.

Two questions for essay

What do both Malala’s and Margane’s childhood have in common or not have in common?
What are they fighting against?

Movie questions and notes

Questions :
1. Where did she end up?
2. Is she still alive?
1. She was a very curious girl.
2. She went to live in Vienna for a couple of years and stayed with nuns.
3. She dated a guy in Vienna, but he ended up cheating on her.
4. She moved back with her family and she got married and divorced him later in the movie.
5. She went to a party and the police came and the girls changed into pajamas and the guys were hiding. The police ran after the men and they all jumped to get away, but one didn’t make it and fell of the roof.

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